Information about Novo mesto

Novo mesto as a economic, administrative, cultural, religious, educational and sport capital of Dolenjska offers visitors rich choice of events and experiences in the old center town and local area.

Historical and archeological facts about Novo mesto from pre-roman times to date Museum of Dolenjska, theater introduces Anton Podbevšek Theater, different cultural and outgoing events offers Cultural center of Janez Trdina, you can enjoy art in Gallery Simulaker, Jakac's house, Gallery Kralj, Gallery Krka, Gallery at a Elephant and Brblarna's bar, literary events go on Bookstore Goga, Miran Jarc Libraly, Cinemas, center of urban club activity is Club LokalPatriot concerts, exhibitions, travel lectures, theatre performances and many more. Alternative scene is possible to see in National house. Of scene with different cultural events are still to Tea Shop and health food store Čajarna pri starem mostu, Narodnem domu, garden San Sebastian. Festivals add variety summer activity: Fotopub in Jazzinty, Rock Otočec, Festival of street theater and imagination - Rudi Potepuški, Puppet Festival - Guncl fest, Novo mesto's summer evenings, Muzejski vrtovi, Festival na trgu, Kantavtorski festival Trubadur, festival Pljunek smeha, Noč na Krki.

Music school of Marjan Kozina, Joga, Dance, Yurena- Language school.

Rent a Canoe, Rent a Bike, Tenis, Horse riding, Rafting, Flights with hot air baloon, Golf, Panoramic flights

Taxi, Train, Mestni potniški promet, Bus, Rent A Car

Florian's square in the old town center sells fresh produce, hand made crafts and other domestic items. On the first working Monday of the month in Glavni Trg has a hand craft market and and every Friday and Saturday an organic market.

In the town core are workshops including (watchmakers, goldsmith's, shoemakers), beauty shops, florists, drugstores, bakeries and grocers. Big shopping centers are on periphery of the town : BTC Novo mesto, Spar Novo mesto, Mercator Novo mesto, Planet Tuš Novo mesto.

For urgent medical help call +386 39 16 789, Drugstore, Firefighters - call 112, Police - call113

Environmental Agency of Republic of Slovenia

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